BOOK REVIEW by Acheik:
Not for a Million Dollars, by Una McManus
May 2002

Not For A Million Dollars

Note: David Berg and the Children of God were found guilty and ordered to pay $1 mil in damages. See a transcript of the judgement: In the Court of Common Pleas.

A Book by Una McManus
Fascinating story by an Irish ex-member Una McManus, who joined before the FFing era in the COG, and left shortly after the child/sex letters began to be released. She sued Moses David and the CHildren of God for kidnapping her children, and was awarded the sum of $1 million. Our information to date is that this has not been paid.
"Fifteen-year-old Una McManus was an innocent lamb seeking truth and love when she wandered into the insidious trap of the Children of God. More recently named The Family of Love, this is a notorious international cult advocating prostitution and child sex to recruit its members. But Una had been a member for almost five years before she discovered the real truth about her leader, Moses David."
He taught, "When you go into the nightclubs and discos, be prepared to go to bed with a lost sheep to show him God’s love. Remember: ‘Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.’
And then she escaped...

Later, after Una's children had been kidnapped by her husband and she had spent several years in heartache, along with her request as legal guardian of her children, Una filed a lawsuit.

The Judgment - excerpts from Una's book:

The judge looked down at me, compassion softening his stern features. Beginning softly, his voice rising with emotion, Judge William Gillie of the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas intoned, “Frankly, young lady, I’ve been appalled by this case. I’ve heard few stories in this courtroom to equal it. It’s shocking that religion can become so twisted that even the lives of little children are endangered. How could religious teachings become so perverted that immorality is considered a sacred duty? Obviously, money cannot recompense you for the physical and emotional damages done. How can I put a price on your experience?” Judge Gillie glanced at me kindly. ……..

Judge Gillie pondered, then punctuated his decision with one emphatic whack of the gavel. “This court awards Una McManus one million dollars in compensatory damages and one-half million dollars in punitive damages against the Children of God religious cult and its leader, David Brandt Berg, also known as Moses David, for alienation of her husband’s affection and for the misrepresentation of their ideals.”

see a transcript of the judgement: In the Court of Common Pleas

Later, Berg was to mention this judgment in one of his many directives to his followers and calls Una a "silly little girl" and brags about successfully evading the law. From Constant "Vigilance is the Price of Security!" (DO 1889 1/85 Lifelines Vol. 15), just one of many directives where he sets the example to his followers of running from the law and legal liabilities: "114. …Just because I didn’t show up in court to face the judge & this silly little girl who was suing me for a million dollars, the judge awarded her the decision and granted her the damages!—Which they’ll never collect unless they can catch me….

"116. But when they came around looking for me and wanted me to appear in court and furnish testimony and all kinds of things, I disappeared! That’s when I went to Europe…"
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