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July 6, 1997

Re: I met one of the Children of God...

OK guys let me interject another angle here Ive been a longtime fan of the Mac since about 1970 in the early-mid 70s, even into the to early 80s I played a lot of churches and smaller Christian venues (coffehouses, street ministries) in the waning days of the Children of God in this country.

    I met several members and former members of the COG in these places in addition to occasionally picking themn up hitchhiking out in west Texas around the Rio Grand border Several of them were sure they had seen and heard Jeremy Spencer sometime a few years back but these folks were usually so drug clouded I never gave them much credence.

    But one guy in particular I jammed with in 1980 in a coffehouse in Denton Tx struck me as particularly credible.He mentioned his involvement with COG, and after talking over a few other issues I asked him if he'd ever heard of Jeremy Spencer. He claimed to have jammed with Spencer on occasion, but his story was that Jeremy usually performed solo on acoustic without the benefit or burden of a band. He didnt draw a lot of attention to himself, and I knew what he described was typical of the Christian music scene in the days when it was still called Jesus Rock before the term (and industry) of Contemporary Christian music were invented. Even big names then like Barry McGuire and Phil Keaggy were (and still are) found as often as solo acts, even though they were the ones most likely to be found touring with a band (referring most specifically here to the early mid 70's)

    Anyway I digress. My point is that if Spencer played with a band, it was probly intermittent, and while the COG did rip a lot of money off from unwary converts, most of it went into the pockets of Moses David and his wife. Alot was probly not given to ventures like a major tour of a former rock idol. Opening for the Stones?? well I would guess not but Ive been wrong before. Steve your freind probly did play on the Flee album, and jam with Spencer, and had his picture taken... that kinda stuff happens. But people tend to embellish things over the years.

ahhh well brings back a lot of memories.

Peace Children


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