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Posted by I was there on November 14, 2003 at 09:16:34

In Reply to: How many died of AIDS? posted by Researcher on August 22, 2003 at 07:46:49:

An American girl named Crystal died of AIDS in Japan in about 1987-88. She was a single girl who had been a big FFer in Brazil. When she gave birth to her first child she had a lot of problems w/ the delivery & (I heard) got some kind of blood poisoining and almost died. She ended up with terrible bed sores and had most of her toes cut off. I don't know if she got AIDS from FFing but she could have gotten it from blood transfusions in Brazil. Poor thing, she was very sweet but always getting sick w/ one thing or the other. No one had any idea that she had AIDS. At the end, she was in a home where a brother got pneumonia, and she immediately caught it and died. That's when it was discovered she had AIDS. What a shock. There was even an article in the Japan Times about the number of AIDS cases in Japan and how "recently an American woman died of AIDS in Chiba-ken". They did not mention her name. In the group it was very hush-hush, but a few guys she shared with got tested and they were okay. She was estranged from her wealthy parents, but they came to Japan to pick up her 3 year old son and took him home with them.

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