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Posted by on April 13, 2005 at 06:24:21

In Reply to: Re: Taipei posted by Windy on February 25, 2005 at 19:11:30:

Isn't Windy of Rufus dead? Didn't she commit suicide a couple of years ago if so who is THIS "Windy"? I knew Windy I also knew Kerina of Tommy and Promise who also killed herself. Quite frankly I'm surprised I'm still alive. I just read about Davidito or Ricky as he would probably prefer to b known. Good on him for killing that bitch. I know it's sad that the events in his life drove him to that and he couldn't live with the torture in his own mind. I remember the nights when I had just left and I used to wake up in tears shaking in mental agony because of all the memories that I could not excape. I remember being tortured by images of revenge . . . stabbing that srupid evil cunting fucking bitch Gioia and Steven B a fucking pedofilic pervert that our parents unleashed on us because they were too buzy fucking away to even give a shit weither or not he stripped us naked after trying to molest us and beat us till we were BRUISED for weeks. Why didn't they give a shit . . why did my dad see it comment and do fuck all. Because we were nothing to them . . we never were and we never will be and they still deny every thing. Fuck them Fuck them up their stupid hairy cult asses. And what the fuck was U.David about? constantly molesting every little girl he could get his hands on and finally his own God Damn daughter . ... I remember my Dad screaming at me because I wouldn't HUG U.David ever wonder fucking why ?? cos his hug consisted of groping your breasts indecently assulting you and making sexual comments. My Dad said he would beat me if I didn't hug him so I did . . . I let him humiliate me. The memory of which will never die. And this was just one incident... Sorry about the rant it's been such a long time . . Who is this anyway?

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