Where are you all??_Life would be different if I could find you again.

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Posted by on August 05, 2005 at 17:23:09

Name(s): Isaac and Sarah,Abner and Marie,Philip and Praise,Boazsand Dorcass&all the
Nationality/Country of Origin: USA,France,Holland
Countries Lived: India,Bangladesh,Nepal
Time in Family1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989

Bible Name(s) if applicable:
First Jessica then Mary

God bless you all!!I`m so happy I found the site!!
My name used to be Mary.Im italian.was in India Bangladesh and Nepal,where I got together w/ a brother named Philip(german)--I left the family in the 90.s& now I live in Germany,(got separeted from Philip)w/ my 2 youngest daughters...Im DESPERATELY looking for anyone who knew me from the East,but even from Italy...the"Family" destroyed my life but of some of the brethren I was w/,I still have a beautiful remembrance in my soul....Im praying w/ all my heart that someone will recognize me and answer...it would mean a lot to me--Im by now a "systemite",have friends...but you all are still my family,I guess cause we all went through the same shit together.....I hope and pray youre not inside anymore but free somewhere and surfing on exfamily......Really looking forward for a "miracle",and get in touch w/ any of you.!!....by the way my real name is Ivana-greetings and love from Germany---Ivana

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