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Posted by Ivana B. on September 08, 2005 at 18:43:43

In Reply to: Re: Yes I was in Genova then! posted by Joppa on August 22, 2005 at 00:53:50:

you canīt imagine how happy I am to have found or to have been found by someone I met some eons ago!!-sorry if Iīm so late in answering -went on holyday...guess where?? to Genova and surroundings-visited mom and friends...
Well,letīs see :I mustīve met you sometime in 1975,was a cat. at that time.I canīt remember if there was more than one home then (cause at times they had more than one )---I also left the family in 92-came to Germany--I live now in Bavaria....would be great to stay in touch...!!Any idea how we could do it a bit more "privately"??-
(the brother I was w/ surfs also on exfamily,and the idea of being "read" doesnīt appeal too much to me....:-)!!---Are you back in the States??-Are you by any chance in contact w/ any of the people who where in Genova in those days,or even Poggiosecco??--Or would you know any of the people Iīm searching for,I mean the ones I was w/ in India & Bangladesh???---anyway...yes ,please!!
Letīs stay in touch....!!!hear from you soon??
(or are you also going on vacation? :-) !!!)
greetings---Ivana B.

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