Searching for my one time family

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Posted by on February 11, 2006 at 06:13:59

Name(s): Robyn; Julia; Martin
Nationality/Country of Origin: Australian; Australia
Countries Lived: India
Time in Family1981, 1982, 1983, 1984

Bible Name(s) if applicable:

Please help me to find these people whom I met 20 to 23 years before in India as members of the Children of God.

This is happen some times between 1981 -1984 in Madras, Tamil Nadu, India.

They are an Australian family. I have forgot the husband's name but I still remember the wife's name is Robyn and that time they had one daughter called Julia (I think she may be around 6 or 7 years old that time) and a son called Martin (he may be 3 or 4 year old)

I have met then in Madras, Tamil Nadu, India. I have first met the husband at Marina beach with Julia and they invited me to their home somewhere in Madras (that place name sounds similar like Poonthamali)

After few meetings I have decided to stay with them at their house. Husband had a red colour Indian made motor bike. We go out for meetings, prayers with other families.

I still remember, one day Robyn and her husband wanted to go some where and asked me to baby sit the kids and I agreed to do but after they left I went out when the helper woman came to clean the house.

I have got in to trouble for this and next morning I have asked to read the bible by Robyn's husband and kindly told not do it again.

I also remember that Robyn's husband like to take photographs and he used to send those photographs to somewhere with heading on the envelope saying "India in Profile"

I used to help him to put those photos into the envelops.

We lived in a first floor of two floor building house.

Finally I left them and India back to my country

They only knows why.....I still remember how much they loved me and how much they insist that I should not go

I really miss them very much.

If I can find any member of this family that will be one of my happiest day in my life

Please help me.

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