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Posted by KEN AKA Joshua A2 on September 06, 2006 at 04:56:07

In Reply to: Amy Allelujiah lost friend. posted by Not a member on May 01, 2006 at 10:30:39:

After Atlanta, Georgia farm when horses Huzz and Buzz were there, installed the indoor waterpump,and while on night watch I set off the tear gas twice (I wasn't popular for that).
I traveled from Georgia, stopping at the Festival of Life in Louisiana for a few days helping the cook group (tribe). Onto Merkel [couple of months?] Stayed out in a tent down the hill from the big house, to sleep.
Remember some girl dragged out of a 'bible study' she was screaming for hours-we were told she had demons. What would I know about demons, or angles for that matter, she did this for a couple of days and I think the 'POD' [Body Snatchers] finally took over. I had to look in my shoes every morning for tarantulas - saw them on the front wall.
Then to the ranch, I remember the ranch was very dusty, dry, and rundown. Arrived and left in a school bus. We were instructed to write letters home for stuff, shipped us out before packages arrived. Never saw the package after many requests of it's location, told to believe it was suppose to be (one of many clues).
Up to Woodland Park CO establishing/renovating the mountain top ranch (digging the septic filed). Also was at (not sure of this timeline), but memorable events at:
CHIGAGO IL; Dining room ceiling collapsed, during diner, from the bath water running out of an open drain pipe.
MINNEAPOLIS MN; Tear gassed at the U of M union building during a protest.
DETROIT MI; On Woodward Avenue downtown.
CINCIN OH; Was here a couple of times, but not sure of the years.
ELIZABETHTOWN KY [farm]; A water hole was bulldozed, the goat and a girl was stung by hornets, Homer the bearded old local playing his banjo.
I am looking for the individuals (specifically the one who witnessed to me) that were in the Gainesville, FL ministry who were absorbed into the GOG in Atlanta, GA (around 1968), AND:
Amy Alleluia, who I was betrothed to, traveled with from Denver CO, to Seattle, WA, then up through Bellingham, WA into the colony at Port Moody BC, Canada. I last saw in Vancouver BC, Canada (around 1972). I left from here, and have always wondered how you faired.
Joshua [originally from the Northeast] I met at the Virginia farm (below the Blue Ridge Pkwy/Skyline drive) near Roanoke(?): whom I named my son after.
Rachael I met in Carbondale, IL who was so sweet, nice, and a genuinely loving person: whom I named my daughter's middle name.
If you remember me. tell me who you are, when, where, and some story/background.

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