Site in Texas?

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Posted by on February 13, 2008 at 11:52:51

Name(s): Ithiel, Marcella
Nationality/Country of Origin: american
Countries Lived: united states, texas
Time in Family1974

Bible Name(s) if applicable:

I visited a COG site in Texas with my future husband in December of 1974. My fiance was a former COG member for 18 months and was trying to convince me to join with him. We drove from Illinois to Texas and spent 5 days at a site that had been a former school. The only people there were a husband and wife, they had two or three very young children. There names were Ithiel and Marcella. I would love to reconnect with them, or at the very least, know the location of the site. I'm a writer, trying to re-create the experience. We never joined, I saw a lot of nude photos of Marcella in the darkroom and asked about them. Ithiel's response was that Mo just loved the female body so much, lots of the husbands sent photos of their wives. I immediately saw through this and decided then and there I would never be joining this group! Kathryn Allen, Albany, NY

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