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Posted by on October 31, 2011 at 16:07:58

In Reply to: Re: Elizabethtown, Kentucky Farm 1972-73 posted by Betty McCoy on January 23, 2011 at 13:02:46:

Hi Hannah, I remember that day of stingers
I also recall cutting the hay fields with a syth, Having the pond dug above the barn, stayin in a tent just out the house. Apollo using matches while reading revelation. Homer the fidle payer just kicking up his heels when playing. Having that large horse try to scrape me off using trees, branches, jumping moats, and sharp turns.
I was finding my skill at taking care of animals sucked. I over feed the big dark horse when it got loose in the grain, and cause i didn't know, lead the horse to the pond, it sicken and foundered.

The other horse, a pony, kicked me good when forcing it out of the garden.

More events transpired on that beautiful property, gorgeous part of the country. and looking back it was good there.

I just check this board ever nine months to a yea 10272011

I am looking for the individuals (espescially the man who brought me to know Jesus) that were in the Gainesville, FL ministry who were obsorbed into the GOG in Atlanta, GA (around 1968),
Amy Alleluiah, who I was betrothed to, traveled with from Denver CO, to Seattle, WA, then up through Bellingham, WA into the colony at Port Moody BC, Canada.last saw in Vancouver BC, Canada (around 1972). I left from here, and have always wondered how you faired.
Joshua [originally from the Northeast] I met at the Virgina farm (below the Blue Ridge Pkwy/Skyline drive) near Roanoke(?): whom I named my son after.
Rachael I met in Carbondale, IL who was so sweet, nice, and a genuinely loving person: whom I named my daughter's middle name.
If you remember me. tell me who you are, when, where, and some story/background.

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