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Posted by on July 28, 2012 at 05:12:58

In Reply to: Re: Who I really was posted by OT2 on December 08, 2009 at 14:52:19:

Servant Slate (Later "invited" to change my name to "Dito", when Seek's husband, SECUNDUS, became "archbishop" and decided that he was more suited to use the name, "Servant".

Joined 1972 ast the Ft Lauderdale Babe's Colony.

Spring, '72: Watchman, Proverbs, Augustin and about 30 Mexican brethren from the DF met me at the "Villalongin Coffeehouse", in Mexico City's "La Zona Rosa" - after having spent around 3 mos. in the Toluca (Desierto de los Leones "Big tent" and prophet bus Selah colony) and later nother couple of mos. at the "Rancho Bobadilla " babe's ranch, just outside of Toluca.

Played guitar and sang in a few Family bands in Mexico City: recorded with Watchman, Katrina, Masepha, Judith, Soloman, Melody, Pedro Oveja, Hebreos and saundry other additions.

1975: Viveros de la Loma Selah, Satelite GP and Echegaray GP homes: Set up "Los Chavos de Dios" family band with all of the above and a "Pre-recording studio" in our home: right next-door to Victor and Lina's selah colony in 'Viveros de la Loma', close to Watchman & Kat's Satelte GP home on Mexico City's north pole.

Pioneered Puebla, Jalapa, Veracruz, >cancun, Playa del Carmen (With Sam & martha).
married Becky (Lina's (of >Victor & LKina) little sister in 1977. Adpoted two chilren and had four more during our mariage (Sandra, Karlo, Lasha, Elizabeth; Annie & Beto).
Worked (in the US and Mexico ) with:
Watchman de la Mancha, Big Josh, Belte, Zerahiah, Bozar, Abadiah, Joseph Simeon, Saul, Obadiah, Faith David, Juan PR, Antipas, Myra, Katrina, Soloman Costa Rica, Sam Oso & Martha Beard, Singin' Sam, Micah, Hebreos and Maggie, Magdalena, Agustin, Eliud, Juan Isaias, Jose Lampara, Victor & Lina Forever, Becky Boop, Jireh Alegria, Antipas Myra & Jair Dave, Jasper Hills, and a few others.

...To be continued


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