Re: Elizabethtown, Kentucky Farm 1972-73

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Posted by Betty / Hannah on January 08, 2013 at 06:29:51

In Reply to: Re: Elizabethtown, Kentucky Farm 1972-73 posted by Kris Newport / Judah A2 on October 31, 2011 at 16:09:23:

I do remember you and even have a photo if I can find it. In May 2011 our town suffered a terrible blow from a massive EF5 tornado. My house was directly in the path of the mile wide beast and I lost my home and place of work but came away unharmed in the safety of a crawl space under my house. I lost some good friends and neighbors. I did retreive a few photos from back in the day. If I can find our photo i will send it to you. It was you, I , Hezekiah, Apollos, Mortichai, Roman, Rebekkah, and am blocking on some names. I remember the old horse who foundered and Homer telling us to give him vegetable oil. I remember Sara the goat who was sick with pneumonia and laying with her in the barn trying to help her thru the nite but she died.
Where did you go after Kentucky? I went to Cincinnati then DC to wed Mortichai but the tribe leaders separated us because we loved each other too much and took our eyes off the Lord, they said. I left the COG not long after and came home. Now have 3 grown children and one grandchild. My husband and I rebuilt our home after the storm and are back on our feet with God's help and the many people He put in our path. How are you? And where has your path taken you?

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