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Posted by on September 16, 2016 at 15:16:42

Name(s): Timothy Teddtbear / James Cobb
Nationality/Country of Origin: American United States (White)
Countries Lived: Peenn.(?)
Time in Family1978, 1979

Bible Name(s) if applicable:
Rainbow Sunshine

I am African American I joined The Family in 1977 I was sent to Miami,Florida where I met Timothy Teddy Bear. He was an older brother as I was still a babe
We hit it off and on a faith trip together we made love under the stars in our sleeping bags. That night God told me I was being impregnated by this man, I was thrilled. However the very next morning he called the elders of the home to come for me and left not only me but the family. I never knew if it was because of remorse for having slept with me or that the Lord told him as well what had happened. I need closer and my son needs to know his earthy father. Any one knowing this person can email me or facebook same name

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