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Terrific letter

Posted by Kathy on September 12, 2003 at 10:20:28

In Reply to: Repost: Jered's Letter to Zerby & Kelly posted by reposter on September 12, 2003 at 08:34:20:

Boy, you really said it. Cogent, thoughtful, precise, uncompromising. That letter is a GEM. I'm going to read it again now. I wish I could have written it. Congratulations to you for having the guts and spending the time. A lot of people would have written it, but not sent it. You followed through. My hat's off to you. And as someone said below, the reason they did not reply was that they consider themselves totally, utterly unaccountable. They know you spoke the truth, you know you spoke the truth. We all know you spoke the truth. And what is the underlying current in their not-an-answer? "Sorry you feel this way, you poor misguided slob." I always say that I hope the punishment for these people like Hitler and Saddam Hussein and people like MD and Maria is that they have to spend eternity living the life of every single person who was hurt by their actions and decisions. That would mean living my mother's life, too, because I ruined her life when I joined The Family and when I got out, she was very old. I hope that's their punishment, I really, really do. Thanks for this. Made my day.