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The Sex Doctrine Lies:

Posted by Rocky on June 01, 2002 at 20:52:05:

They will not be able to get away with it. There are original mint copies of the ff'ing books and the Davitito book waiting in the apppropriate hands. There are people around that have dedicated themselves to bringing out the truth of the family's beliefs every time they stick themselves in the public eye. Until they admit their behaviour, reject DB as a criminal pedophile and come clean, so help me God, they will be hounded until the day of the Lord. As more and more brothers and sisters realize the truth it will get harder and harder for the family to defend the lies. The reality is the founder of the family of love raped his own female family members. It is an outrage and the days of discovery are becoming more and more widespread. Forgive my carrying on but the position of the family in regards to this issue is an offence to everything that Jesus said and taught. A few years ago, as a member of no longer children, we met with Arthur, Ado and his wife at the time(possible Claire). When taken from any general discussion of family values to the specifics of the sexual doctrines they were unable to tell the truth. Their presence in the public eye and their manipulative practices of hiding their doctrines from others will not go unchallenged.