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seeing a truth

Posted by porceleindoll on July 18, 2002 at 16:51:44:

In Reply to: We owe to them posted by A Reader on July 17, 2002 at 15:54:13:

I think reading this has made something very clear to me. The Family has written in various publications that "We are truly sorry and want to extend our apologies to any young people who have been abused..." and then they claim they have apologised over and over again.

But as was said in the original post here, they haven't actively gone out to find those persons, to discover the truth, and to help those people get over it, to give them counsel and care they need, or compensation. Rather, they tell those people to forgive and forget, that they can't live with bitterness, and they do all they can to hide the truth from the rest of the group and authorities.

It really makes me mad to once again realise the depths and lengths the Family has gone to to cover up and excuse themselves out of their faults, to do the bare minimum of "repentence" or whatever you want to call it, and then make a large proclamation "Oh, we've apologised over and over!", when in truth, they haven't done jack to help the innocent victims of their teachings.