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That is too cool!

Posted by Jude on July 28, 2002 at 12:22:57:

In Reply to: Another great post on "help" exmembers need posted by repost of Goth on July 28, 2002 at 11:31:42:

Now when I left the Family I had my relatives to go back to, safety net and I had some previous skills working in the world. But a lot of people, SGs in particlar, have NO one to go back to. It's a tougher jump out and more uncertain.

It's bad enough feeling you're failing God by forsaking the Lord thy David and going into the system. But it's at least bearable to deal with the Family-foised paranoia if you can at least have a place to sleep at night, food to eat, and a way to get back on your feet and learn some skills.

I'm astonished by how some SGs have made the jump and are now successful business people. Good for them! But it's a little harder when you have kids to care for and feed, or no skills other than heading to the sex trade.

any bit of practical info is empowering and helps people weigh their alternatives. I bet a lot of people would jump out of the Family if they only knew more about what kind of ground they'd be landing on.