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For the Record

Posted by WC (gen coord) on August 26, 2002 at 04:48:26:

Acheick does not think and has never said that Joseph and Jane are child molesters. Any idea that she has is a misunderstanding.

Joseph and Jane are in self-exile - they are not banned.

Recently 2 posts were deleted - in one post the topic discussed was taken personally and in retaliation a party's name was specifically used as an example of a false child abuse scenario. The other post was a rebuttal to that post.

Nobody is being censored or banned because of recent discussions.

No posters here as far as I know are acting in a coordinated groups to post against anyone. No coordinators of this board are directing anyone to post or "behind" what visitors post

Jay was banned, but through using an alternate IP address has posted 11 times in less than a 2 hour period. (I will, if requested explain the reasons for his ban) I did not appreciate his posting here in defiance, but there were some good responses to his post.

I appeal to posters dealing with sensitive subjects to be more sensitive. It is obvious to me that much of the conclusions reached by different
parties are based on misunderstandings and taking things out of context. Words were spoken quickly. Two wrongs don't make a right.