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Re: Whew - that is so true

Posted by FGA on September 28, 2002 at 20:17:58

In Reply to: Whew - that is so true posted by Acheick on September 28, 2002 at 15:14:21:

I used to think he was just an insane, pedophile, megalomaniac with a severe narcissistic personality disorder, but thinking back on it, I do believe he was all the above AND that he studied it. The reason being is that early on I heard whispers (not the Freelance kind) about him reading about different mind control movements and dictators, i.e. Hitler, North Koreans, and I thought that it was weird, but we were pretty well programmed not to question. Then in a few yrs. I saw people in the fam. with copies of Maos little red book. Berg held Mao in high esteem. I believe he was not just deranged but a criminal in the nth degree because I am convinced, looking back, that he knew precisely what he was doing. He was a pedophile from the get go, he threw people away, he used his followers, scapegoated them and wanted a pure nation of followers via the children, the completely indoctrinated specimens. Well, that certainly backfired on the old decrepit fart!!