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There was a baby, her name was Estrellita

Posted by Miguel on October 12, 2002 at 23:51:49

In Reply to: Right! Who cares what they think? posted by Donny on October 12, 2002 at 23:26:48:

I agree with you Donny. The word love has a special definition in the Family. Here is my story...

There was a baby named Estrellita whom my wife used to take care of along with our children and Clarita. Their parents were from Spain and a very loving and sacrificial couple. My wife and I loved them dearly as we did their children. It was difficult for us to leave without telling them of our plans. I still remember their look, in shock and even in pain. Was that because of us? I don't know but it may have even been because of them.

It was a few weeks later when I spoke to the home shepherd (actually the man in charge of the finances) who boldly asked me if she had been the cause of why we left. It was such a sorry excuse for himself because it he had been one of the main instruments to encourage me to leave. I guess I should have to thank him for that.

That is the love in the Family is, ambiguous, distant, with a degree of indifference not found in real love. The Berg legacy, his type of love.