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Absolutely nothing compares to the Love of David!

Posted by Reposter on October 19, 2002 at 14:21:06

If you want a really clear idea of how Mo's love could turn into cursing, read this. Jean Manson had been a Playboy centerfold & was now a singer in France. In “The Jeane Manson Prayer” (July 19, 1977) Mo gave her an impassioned “spiritual” plea that had some very heavy hints in it:

My Precious Daughter in Jesus! God bless you! I love you!–thank you so much for your beautiful letter and testimony! I received this while listening to your sweet agonizing voice singing “Because Love is Leaving”.

1. BEHOLD! DO YOU HEAR HER? SHE DESIRES AND BEGS TO BE WITH ME ON THE MOUNTAIN! (—Of intimate fellowship and utter sweet surrender!)

2. BUT SHE CRIES, “WHY IS THERE NOT MORE? Why is there not more?” Listen! She wants to be married to Me! See? See?

5. HER SPIRIT CRIES FOR ME—LISTEN!: “Enfold me, embrace me her on the mountain! Desire me for I desire Thee, I need You!

7. I MUST BE MARRIED TO YOU, You must be MARRIED to me, we must be married in the Spirit!

8. SHE BEGS FOR ME ON THE MOUNTAIN! I want you to want me!

13. (JEANE’S MUSIC BEGINS AGAIN:) SHE SEEKS AGAIN TO EMBRACE ME ON THE MOUNTAIN.—You heard it—I told you. She wants to take Me, to love Me, to be hers! She doesn’t know why it cannot be—but it CAN be! It CAN be!

14. (AMEN! HALLELUJAH! THANK YOU JESUS! IT CAN BE AND IT IS, if you’ll just yield utterly to Him and His will and His love! I love you!—I’M yours TOO!—If there’s anything we can do to help you, please let us know. We love and pray for you!—Mo and His Family of Love!)

Jeane Manson did not take Mo’s hints, so four months later, this was his response:

“The Jeane Manson revelations!” (November 13, 1977)

2. THEY AGONIZE FOR LOVE, BUT THEY’RE SO SELFISH THEY’RE NOT WILLING TO GIVE IT! They’re not like you—you give & give! I got a whole prayer Letter for her (Jeane Manson) & I wrote it to her & she didn’t even answer me! She’ll pay! She’ll pay! I gave her my heart, but she doesn’t even pay any attention.

3. SHE RUNS AFTER THOSE SILLY STUPID LOVERS, that God-damned Jew!—Just because he promises to make her great! He’s going to fall flat on his face & take her with him!—Because she wouldn’t marry me & Jesus.

4. I TRIED TO HELP HER. But she doesn’t want it. But she will, some day. She’ll be sorry, too late, when I’m gone!

5. SHE COULD HAVE HAD SO MUCH, you know that? She could have even had ME!

7. GOD SAID (EXODUS 20:3 & 5): “I WILL HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME”, but she puts that guy _____ before Jesus & before ME!—Just ’cause he’s a good fucker! So God damn her fucks & let her have them, & destroy her career that she could have had with me!

9. SHE MISSED HER CHANCE TO BE HAPPY. I did what I could, remember? My God, how could she have more love than mine? How could she want more than this? This BLISS!

10. WHY DIDN’T SHE COME FOR A LITTLE WHILE? But SHE NEVER EVER GOT INTIMATE, SHE NEVER EVER PLACED LOVE. To have love yo have to place your pussy on my cock, & she didn’t do that, did she? You did it, you like it, don’t you? (Maria: Yes, I love it!) Really? (Maria: Yes!) It’s not too big for you? (Maria: No, it’s wonderful!) Does it hurt you? I’m afraid that it hurts you. (Maria: No, it never hurts me.) When it’s so big & hard & long, I’m afraid it hurts you.

11.WHY DIDN’T SHE WANT IT? Maybe she didn’t know how good it was, huh? (Maria: No, she couldn’t have known.) Maybe she didn’t know I could give her a lot of pleasure.

14. She’d rather fuck her little _____ Jew. God damn the Jews that lead God’s children astray!

15. I LOVE YOU! (Maria: I love you too, Honey!) I think you do. (Maria: Yes, I do!) You act like it, & you jack me up like it. You pat my peter like you love it. Jean Manson won’t pat it or suck it or fuck it or anything.

17. I WANTED TO HELP HE! (Weeps!) I loved her! She brushed me away! I poured out my heart, & she pushed it all away!

The same day in “The Mystery of Otano!” (November 13, 1977)Mo said :

1. HOW CAN SHE REBUFF A LOVE LIKE MINE! He’s going to put her in a bed of affliction: She’ll be sick for three years, then come back. Maria: Who? —Jeane Manson?) (See “The Jeane Manson Prayer”, No. 595.)

A year and a half passed. Now “The Jeane Manson revelations!” (July 16, 1979)came out:

29. (MARIA: HAS SHE STARTED HER PERIOD OF THREE YEARS IN THE BED OF AFFLICTION? (See Letter 796.) I don’t know, it doesn’t sound like it. She’s still running around all over the world. You’ll hear about it. Did she receive my letter?—Probably not, because it was DO.

6. POOR JEANE!—I thought I was rid of her, but the Lord won’t let me get rid of her (weeping), He makes me love & pray for her! She gives me so much trouble & she causes me so much heartache.

45. OH MY GOD, HOW HE MUST LOVE JEANE MANSON! He makes me spend so much time on her & love her so much! I don’t know why. I’m so mad at her! She didn’t wait for me. She knows what I’m talking about.

49. I WANT TO SEE IT!—Jesus, I want to see it! I want to see her come to me, because I love her so much! I want to see her come back, & I want to receive her in my arms & in my bed. I want to show her how much God loves her.