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Re: I disagree with much of his assessment

Posted by Acheick on November 22, 2002 at 21:58:48

In Reply to: Re: I disagree with much of his assessment posted by Passing By on November 22, 2002 at 20:59:59:

I see what you are saying. There was this one brother who seemed nice, but everytime he became a leader, he just became a monster. Same with some sisters I knew. It seemed that once they had that power, something came out of them that was latent sans the power. But then again, someone said that Morningstar (of Zatthu) had become a real tyrant in Japan. I knew her as being a very sweet person. However, you can see in the letter she wrote to Berg how she looked down on poor Zatthu because he wasn't "spiritual" enough for her. That spells the power and control thing. Manipulators and abusers look for the glory and being on the top of everything, thusly, Zatthu didn't fit into her picture and she went after another brother who was already married because he was a more powerful shepherd and more dedicated to the cause. I think she's still in the F. So, in a way, I agree with you, there are people who just fit into the F., they fit into the mold, they are cut out of the same cloth as the top leadership, Berg, Maria, et al.