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That's a sound argument alright!

Posted by Not Gay, Butt on December 04, 2002 at 05:54:25

In Reply to: The same bullshit - how it works posted by Company Man on December 04, 2002 at 05:41:59:

That's like the Army's don't ask don't tell policy about gays.

Let's say I'm gay. Let's say I have a company that produces cookies. Let's say that people notice a lot of gay people selling these cookies door-to-door and at trade shows.

Whatever you say, you can't say these cookies are gay cookies. Cookies are asexual my friend. (Nevermind, I said that you cookie fetish freaks!) You wouldn't be able to say these cookies were made by gays and for use by gays. They are just cookies. On a product level they aren't gay cookies and have never been labelled so. Nothing proves that you'll become gay if you eat them. Those gay people trying to find converts were doing it on their own time.

On a company level, my company wasn't registered as a gay company. It was just registered as a cookie company. NOthing in my company records show that I am sympathetic to gay causes or partial to gay companies. Do gay companies exist anyway?

On a personal level, why should I need to tell you if I'm gay, or who my friends are, or if I happen to let mostly gay friends sell these cookies?