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Correct me if I'm wrong

Posted by Remembering on December 09, 2002 at 20:31:31

In Reply to: Re: repost. from below. moral dilemma with selective pubs and memory posted by in the archive on December 09, 2002 at 20:15:24:

but weren't there already some prototypes of Vitor Camps around by then? I am sure there were. They didn't go full swing until later, but most people already knew about them getting started and were reading testimonies, right? As far back as the late 80's people were already going for retraining, right? Problem teens on the field were already being separated from their sent to these places, right? There is no way of being in the field and not noticing any of that, right? Children were alreay school age and not getting adequate schooling, and already being herded around and used as slave labor, washing dishes and baby-sitting and selling things door-to-door by then. Right? They were slapped around hard because "spare the rod, spoil the child" right? Women were already prostituting themselves with their husbands approval, right?