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Re: 1990?

Posted by ray on December 10, 2002 at 04:51:48

In Reply to: 1990? posted by Acheick on December 09, 2002 at 23:47:22:

from 1988 we were in england. there were some "silence restrictions" etc at the teen home, but i had no say in those issues. wish i'd done something? sure, but like you, i had a family, was in a cloud, and frankly, it never even occured to me. compared to the stuff i've heard from friends who'd stayed longer, or were out east, these abuses were far less egregious.

but geez...what is the point? i've left the family, renounced it's teachings, been thru hell over many of the things that have resulted from my mistakes and sins, (and the sins of others!),
tried to educate myself on the issues, try to communicate the truth as best i can to fellow travellers in or out, and dedicate as much of my time and resources to try to help as many people affected by this sort of situation as i can, being an illqualified aging lower middleclass travelling salesman w/ a lot of kids. because i do not always see the logic in some actions taken by angry exmems, and i'm perhaps the most vocal voice asking those quetions, it seems like i'm the one on trial. i agree the anger may be justified. the actions may or may not be. the discussion seems to have gone wierdly awry.