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Lies, and nothing but lies!

Posted by Pedro on December 11, 2002 at 00:56:48

In Reply to: Fernandez -- in or out ?or in AND out & in and out &...... posted by R. Fernandez (reposted) on December 10, 2002 at 18:28:17:

Hola everyone. This is a good site with a lot of information. Im a new visitor, this is he first time writing a message, but not the first time I have encountered such lies. There is very much to read, but I respond to this message first. I first met the Family of Love through "Teresa" who thought of me as nothing but an aquatic creature, called me her "fish". The more I learned more about her the more I realized nothing she said about herself or the group she belonged to was true. R. Fernandez statements are typical of the kind of statements I received from members of the Family of Love for many years. Lies, all lies! If Ray claims to be a former member, he must know this because it is 100 percent certain he has lied for the group. I question the credentials of anyone who claims to have left and still not admit to having been a liar, or recognize such typical lies.