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"such extremes ALL THE TIME"...

Posted by ray on December 11, 2002 at 09:55:08

In Reply to: Re: Lies, and nothing but lies! posted by ex liar on December 11, 2002 at 09:09:07:

do you not see the irony in such a statement???did you read the post i was replying to "LIES, NOTHING BUT LIES!"? did it strike you as a tad extreme and polarizing?

look, if people READ what i post they will see we are discussing TWO DIFFERENT THINGS! do they fudge w/ their contacts? yes. no doubt. it is dishonest, and wrong, considering that they were in a financial; relationship, and opening up their partner to liability. i've said so many times.( that is what gets frustrating!)

BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT WAS AT ISSUE!! the point was that in their communication w/ sam a they simply refused to answer. think about it. what would you expect??? but i do not see a lie in THAT answer .. can you show me one? the post or phone call W/ SAM A.??? it is 2 seperate issues. can you not see the difference in the issues? the discussion was what i would do if...exfam to fam, not fam to biz partner. am i in one of those dreams where i think i'm speaking english but it is coming out gibberish?

i just give up.