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Re: does this apply to Fernandez too?

Posted by ethicist on December 11, 2002 at 15:51:12

In Reply to: Re: does this apply to Fernandez too? posted by From a Sga on December 11, 2002 at 15:43:45:

tough question. My guess is that the Thai project is raking in many more $ for the group that RF. the Thai group is VERY successful. For me, it is inherently a little more difficult to go after SGAs. But really, of all the areas in the group, SEAsia and Thailand was and continues to be, a polished hell to live in. Ask any SGA who grew up there. A real dictatorship run by Silas, where every home is trying hard to be a victor home, and the place is run with a very firm hand.

To me the issue is not whether RF had sex with a child or not. He is a front for the group, which promoted sex with children. Look at Gary -- no dirt on him, but what he has done and continues to do by being an officer in the Family is every bit as harmful and dispicable as what RF may have done. By being a top administraror in the group and not speaking out against the thousands of cases of abuse that he KNEW were going down, he is more guilty, IMHO, then RF.