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Re: Moving On

Posted by ra on December 12, 2002 at 05:08:06

In Reply to: Moving On posted by Jules on December 12, 2002 at 00:14:17:

i wonder if the reason that a tone of outrage is difficult for some of us to express, despite the fact that we realize it is the only approprite response to the pain so many of our children have endured, thru no fault of their own, is because shame, and a profound sense of defeat, short circuit our ability to fully express that emotion . maybe it is the reaction of the pharisees, loaded w/ stones and judgment towards the woman taken in adultery, when faced w/ Jesus' challenge as he wrote w/ his finger in the sand, were forced to drop their stones and slink away.

i think you all are due the meager comfort of our outrage against this evil. but it may be that there is something in the human psyche denies it the ability to turn that emotion inward...some psychological self preservation...

that is not an excuse, but rather an attempt at self examination, and a confession.

i seem to lack enough "righteousness" to be truly "righteously indignant." accepting the outrage of the second generation w/o excuse may be a poor second...but that much i can manage w/o internal conflict. there is nothing in me that dare raise any objection to that.