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Posted by Thinker on December 23, 2002 at 16:12:12

In Reply to: You know him posted by To Curious on December 23, 2002 at 08:32:41:

"he was unwilling to even have a civil conversation about it. He still carries the attitude of a big time leader who is the only one who can 'hear from God' and whatever he says is not negotiable. I'm sure you remember the 'don't talk to me because I'm way spiritual today'"

First I think it's unfair to talk about Ray and discuss him that way. I made that mistake too. (And now I'm going to take the liberty of making that mistake again, haha!) It's better to address him directly in a post, and allow him to be part of the conversation rather than talk about him.
Next, I do think he WAS civil in conversation, and expressed his views very well. He is allowed to have different views, even if unpopular, and to stick with them if he hasn't been convinced otherwise. IMO he added a lot of value to the recent discussions here.

If you think he is does not agree with your views, it doesn't necessarily mean he is a big time leader with a corner to God and non-negotiable views. Let's be fair. You can say he has a set opinion which he hasn't changed. If you think he has something with his attitude, I think you should quote him and bring it up to him.