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Re: age of accountibility

Posted by Donny on January 08, 2003 at 20:40:59

In Reply to: Re: age of accountibility posted by goth88 on January 06, 2003 at 21:29:09:

I'm doing fine, maybe feeling a bit under the weather with a flu, but my body's fighting it off and I'll be fine. My kids are happy and my poor wife needs to quit a night job so she can have a normal schedule. We're working on that. I keep telling her to quit,but she manages our finances and points out she can't afford to, not yet anyway.

So you really had dramatic bells going off when you left? That's so interesting! See that kind of gut-level survival instinct/conscience was wired so deep in you that it allowed you to overcome even a feeling that you were dead wrong and might soon be dead, but you still did it anyway, even agaisnt what your conditioned mind was screaming at you. It's great to know there is a conditioning or built-in instinct that goes deeper than social/religious conditioning in some cases, at least in your case.

I think we really all were different, and I don't think there was one cookie-cutter "mind control theory" that could apply evenly to all of us. Or if there is one, I think it's big and complex and Byzantine enough to include all of our experiences.

Have a great day Goth!