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Re: Feel like I just landed.....

Posted by goth88 on January 24, 2003 at 14:56:35

In Reply to: Re: Feel like I just landed..... posted by Donny on January 24, 2003 at 08:45:58:

Very well put Donny. I also relate. Boy Tigress, you were in for a long time. I am so glad you got out. I joined at 18(one mo. into 18) and left at 30. There is another reality (actually a delusion about life in general) in the family which is so warped that it takes time to collect your marbles and get on your own. One thing I struggled with was defining my own values, morals, principles, even simple opinions and making decisions. But when you hit the ground running you are forced to do this from the get go. In the process I stumbled and fell alot, but feel like I am progressing in healing by leaps and bounds now. I have had some excellent help along the way, incl. understanding therapists. And I found them by seeking out those who worked with others on a sliding scale fee (because I didn't make much money compared to expenses) and have gotten some good help without cost. If anyone is interested, I can tell you some ways I got connected without big bucks... Good for you Tigress! Glad to hear you are breathing easier these days. :)