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Re: I left the Family with alot of reminders

Posted by Wartless on January 25, 2003 at 13:06:08

In Reply to: I left the Family with alot of reminders posted by Chasity on January 25, 2003 at 12:57:01:

Yeah ain't that the truth. STDs are serious stuff. I got genital warts too, but only on my foreskin. Nothing seemed to get rid of them so after I left the Family I went for the ultimate solution & got circumcised. I've never had the warts since. (I can now legally enter a synagogue too though that was not part of the plan.)

But for women the warts are inside and it's a real pain to live with & a pain to try to get rid of. Anyone know any new medical solutions to deal with this Berg-induced crap. I know he promised when we started FFing that God would save us from getting "a germ or a sperm" but unfortunately Family members got plenty of both.

I also got herpes in the Family. A huge outbreak. In that case I simply prayed against it & they never came back, not once after all these years. I assume they're either permanently gone or in remission or whatever it's called. But again, any solution for herpes sufferers? Have they got medications these days that can deal with the stuff?