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Re: We are not a court of law

Posted by goth88 on January 25, 2003 at 14:12:19

In Reply to: We are not a court of law posted by Acheick on January 25, 2003 at 06:42:42:

I see the sense in the comparison to a drug addict getting their life straightened out, only in the fam. many of us thought we were doing a commendable thing upon first joining. So why is it hard to see that individual members for the most part, once out from under the insanity of the group and given a chance to recover, would be vastly different people on the outside and need support in building a positive self-esteem in order to make amends to begin with? Also (and this is following the flow of this discussion, not to any one individual) I believe that no one knows where a person stands until they have had this opportunity. Some may never get it. I wish someone would invite Beth Peterson, the writer of the ultra authority book, for an online chat with fgas and sgs, maybe separately, to discuss these issues. She seems to have a very balanced opinion and is well respected by many SGs. I agree with MV about the ferris wheel vs. healing and building self-esteem.