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Zerby's gutless 'jesus' doesn't dare mention names

Posted by Curious on January 27, 2003 at 08:45:30

Not only did Zerby's 'Jesus' not dare to mention the name of the 'evil leader' (perhaps because he checked with the Family's lawyers first?) but he didn't dare mention the names of the SGAs either. Here it is--

''The Lord highlights one man in particular, within the anti-cult community, who has been fighting the Family for many years.'' (OK then 'jesus', hilight this one man.)

''I seek to highlight one who opposes you and is marshalling his forces.'' (Does he have a name, jesus?)

''He seeks recognition.'' (Well if even you jesus don't recognize his name, how can we?)

''In another message, the Lord also said: While [a number of ex-Family young people] are key players, it is [this man] who is the power behind them because of the way the Enemy can work through him.''(So who are 'a number of ex-Family young people'? Don't they have names either, jesus?)

''He is prodding them on, and the spirits of Pan, Oplexicon, and the Vandari are affecting and infecting others through him''

(Oh, jesus, didn't your lawyers warn you that you shouldn't even name the demons? Now Pan and Oplexicon will be suing you from hell.)