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Re: Typo alert

Posted by Joseph on January 30, 2003 at 13:27:26

In Reply to: Re: Typo alert posted by Acheick on January 30, 2003 at 09:55:52:

Someone named "Coordinator" asked me and Sam to stop talking about it at 10:07 am on January 28th. Eleven hours later, that same day, you posted the Sam being cruicified like Jesus for a mistake.

I show up here on occasion, usually only after someone brings up my name, or something I was involved in. It usually ends with me being asked to stop talking about some issue or another, which is fine. What I object to is when people continue the conversation after I've agreed to quit, making provocative statements. I mean, in the context of that thread, if you suggest that you aren't going to crucify Sam, then I can only assume that you are suggesting that I'm trying to crucify Sam. I object to that idea. If anyone got crucified in that thing it was me, when Sam published my private email without permission on this board. But, of course, Sam can do no wrong here, and I can do no good. So, I'm asked to shut up and you start spinning it so I look bad and Sam looks good. Sam is now Jesus, and I'm a Roman saying, "Please cross your feet, Sam. I've only got one nail left".