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Re: wars & rumors of wars

Posted by Seeker on January 30, 2003 at 18:58:20

In Reply to: wars & rumors of wars posted by MV on January 29, 2003 at 22:42:17:

Can you explain to me why someone, 'who can summon all the cosmic forces of the universe' doesn't simply prevent the war instead of just focusing on living with JOY. (What's her phone
number by the way?:) Can I watch as you rechannel your energies outside of yourself? Does it hurt? Should I wear sunglasses and/or a radiation suit?

A MO Letter from beyond: Living Inside the Fire.
"I believe that if I am in tune with my spirit I will summon all the cosmic forces of the universe to achieve my goal of having sex with Maria."
"If war does break out I may have to refill my cup with spirits from beyond the great gulf."

Please explain (In a hundred words or less.)how you summon all the cosmic forces of the universe and how you intend to rechannel your energies outside of yourself. Do you plan to give lessons? How much do they cost? Do you have a money back warantee if something goes wrong? Can just anyone apply? Are you affiliated with any recognized New Age guru or church? Are you set up to do mail order courses? Do you accept VISA and MASTERCARD?