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To Sam

Posted by Sam Supporter on February 01, 2003 at 19:07:30

I feel for you. You took many jabs before you even responded, and then only politely. You showed alot of class and you have won my confidence. When first asked about something, you answered very neutrally and stuck only to the facts. The other person did that only in the beginning, and ended up slipping in more and more of his digs and provoking you. He was pissed and obviously wanted to fight. You finally offered to respond, and then your explanations were completely discounted. I will never think that what they are doing is fair. You are being censored, anyone can see that. What you are getting at, knowing there is mre to the story, and what they are trying to cover up, is also obvious at least to me. What you should think about though, is your principals and rules are not perfect and cannot serve every situation coming along. Your rule could have made it worse for the alleged victim. You could have effectively undermined any legal process, or driven the abuse further into hiding by what you did. What use are rules if they have no soul?