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Posted by Joe Tx on April 29, 2002 at 22:59:02:

I felt like a shmuck but I shtuck is an article by Gary. It is excerpts from a much larger article by Gary. When the Loving Jesus revelation came out, I read somewhere that Zerby was pushing people to write in reactions. Appolos wrote a reaction also and some of the reactions are more sexual than Gary's. "I Felt Like a Shmuch! - But I Shtuck!" is in FSM 290, DO, "Loving Jesus" Reactions - Part 2 - Reactions to the "Loving Jesus" GNs, Parts 3 through 6. For Junior Teens and Up Only!" Gary's reaction is 6 1/2 pages long. Appolos' is longer than Gary's. Appolos writes "Boy, I never thought that saying yes to Jesus meant saying yes to Him fucking me as His Bride, ha!" "So I leaned back against the headboard of my bed and closed my eyes and began praying and loving the Lord and telling Him that I wanted Him and needed Him and I wanted Him to fill me with His seeds, asking Him to fuck me and sock it to me, etc." "Okay, Lord, sock it to me, fuck me, fill me with Your seeds" These are quoted from Appolos' reaction. Gary's reaction is tame compared to others. Anyway, Gary's reaction is real. I got original copies of the Loving Jesus Series of which these reactions are a part. Sam Ajemia