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Re: I think the point got lost

Posted by Joseph on February 07, 2003 at 17:08:17

In Reply to: I think the point got lost posted by Miguel on February 07, 2003 at 10:02:29:

If we are talking about the same guy, I think we all have to take into consideration that he has left the Family twice. Both times, it was not by his own choice.

The last time he was kicked out, was around two years ago. I'm not sure what the acceptable learning curve is, and how long it takes the average person to shake cult habits. I know at least one person who has been out for 22 years and is still trying to sort it all out.

I do think he is responding to a need. I know that people call all the time and ask if there is space. I don't think he has to beg anyone to come live there, or stay.

For example, his own website doesn't list his home in the "Resource Center". None of the ads at the top solicit people to come rent rooms. Yet, the place is always pretty full.

But, just because it is full, doesn't mean it is good, or wholesome. But, it does point to a demand that isn't being met by others who may walk the walk. I don't know what the right thing is to do about that.