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Re: So are you saying Joshua..........?

Posted by posted by Pyramid pusher on February 17, 2003 at 12:01:02:

You should sell your fake kingdom keys on EBay, so some Americans as Canadians will march for sure believing you with those towards the doors of Space City, that is reading Mo letters and learning them by heart so they might then enter Heaven with what's left of skin despite the radiations.

No problem if the Communists come after the fall-outs to persecute you as you won't have Bibles on you but only Berg's letter "Rags to Riches" as a new visa for the new fake magnificent World Order, waiting and l;ooking at the sky for a few years afterwards for Space City to come down from inside the Moon in a while, that is if your skin holds on you... If you live elsewhere on Earth, fake magnificent peace and a number on your head shouldn't be so bad some say... One thing, I won't be part of it man, I assure you. Heaven is already in my heart and soul, no need to move more for me then!...