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Re: Go on please

Posted by WOW on March 02, 2003 at 16:05:33

In Reply to: Re: Go on please posted by romantic reflections on March 02, 2003 at 12:41:54:

One problem in the social sciences is their use of statistics. One has to be careful when generalizing observations and I'm curious now.

Have you talked to as many men and their experiences about their sexual encounters with women while in the family? And a follow up question, do you think that because your conversations with females show that there was prevalent male-on-female sexual abuse (which I don't deny) then it follows that all males are perpetrators?

I was aware that many women didn't particularly liked the sharing part but I am also aware that many did. I wouldn't say that 100% of them did, or even 50% but maybe 20-25% enjoyed the free for all sex. About males it is difficult because males were expected to like it and seek it. Notice that the same stereotypes you assign to women also applied to men. I liked most of the women I ever was with but some of them I could have been well without even when they were all eager.

I guess my point is that geenralities are dangerous and abuse was not only male-on-female but also female-on-male. I wonder is there was any sexual abuse male-on-male. Do you know that?