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Re: Berg's disorders...

Posted by Sara S. on March 15, 2003 at 01:59:40

In Reply to: People in the Family with Personality Disorders posted by Donny on March 14, 2003 at 14:07:38:

I've recently been thinking about this, and I truly believe that he was Bi Polar (mixed).
Ruminating thoughts, Severe mood swings (manic one moment-depressed the next), Insomnia, Grandios Idiology, Flight of Ideas, Impulsivness...the list goes on....and every one of the above symptoms are severe and most are attatched with many disorders-but when they are all present, Bi Polar disorder is usally given (although the symptoms can also go with someone with an actual pchizo disorder as well).
One more point on the above disorder-I worked at the largest psych practice doing UR for almost 4 years, and i'd say that about 70% of patients who suffered from Bipolar have addiction issues with alchohol, drugs or both.
Most that we treated were very bright people who could "talk their way out of anything", and most saw themselves as "born leaders".
The above DX sums it up for me...although, I've also been looking into any one of the Schizoaffective disorders because of his history with both Audio and Visual hallucinations.
A bit long winded I know..., but it sums it up for me.