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suggestion for posts on the war with Iraq

Posted by Observer on March 16, 2003 at 14:57:03

I'd like to commend the posters on this board for their civilty thus far regarding the war with Iraq, in fact almost completely staying away from the subject so far. This has very likely been easy enough so far because nothing has happened except a mounting war of words in the international media. But if the war starts soon as it looks like it will it's going to dominate the news & it'll be impossible to not comment on it. It would be great to see posters able to express their views without tempers flaring and people becoming polarized & ending friendships. As I understand it one of the main purposes of this board is for healing & in particular discussing things related to our time in the cult. Given our past very strong anti-America sentiments from the COG, it could be argued that this whole issue is relevant. Perhaps it is and perhaps it isn't. But it would still be great to see things discussed with civilty and not take over the board with arguments from either side.