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This is what I had hoped to avoid

Posted by Observer on March 17, 2003 at 11:08:22

In Reply to: Agree posted by J on March 17, 2003 at 09:04:45:

I had written, “It would be great to see posters able to express their views without ...people becoming polarized.” Yet now we have posts that openly condemn those who do not endorse the anti-war side. Now they ‘have blood on their hands’. ‘They don’t want to see the truth’. ‘They don’t have a conscience’. ‘And they willingly want to believe bad leaders.’

Two posters here wrote -- 'their blood will be upon the hands of those who could have done or said something but kept "their" peace.' and 'the people who don't have it in them to see it. People with a conscience need to speak up instead of following the half truths of the leaders. I guess it could all be down to who we believe and how much we want to believe in them.'

You two seem to have deep-seated views, so why not express and discuss those views? That would be more helpful than simply putting down and insulting other posters who may either be undecided, or who disagree with you.

Also, you wrote your posts in an inappropriate place, after Goth who wrote a very moving, personal view of what the war means – loving her children and valuing every moment of life.