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Did Geneva make a statement about the trauma

Posted by jo on March 28, 2003 at 21:04:11

In Reply to: The reality of war -- this war, any war posted by Reposter on March 28, 2003 at 09:46:52:

of the kids in the USA after the WTC bldgs were decimated and thousands lost their lives? Many others still with physical repercussions that survived? Not to mention the continual threats of terrorism, disease ( West Nile and now SARS and of course the deadly STDs that have been around for awhile now...)
War SUCKS. But this war was inevitable, imo. No one but a sadist would WANT war. I feel for the kids out there fighting.
How many kids do you think get psychological assistance after the scarring of having their mothers or friends parents or sisters raped and killed by Saddams sons? And see him in power over their country.
You know, I won't watch a Woody Allen movie anymore, because I believe he is a child molester. We know Roman Polanski is, but he got the Oscar in absentia for his movie, "The Pianist". Why is it so easy for celebs to be forgiven and keep their positions and honor and even be uplifted and supported in the face of great harm that they do? ( Like O.J., too)?