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sure does

Posted by MV on March 30, 2003 at 18:33:16

In Reply to: Re: Does this happen to you? posted by Miguel on March 30, 2003 at 09:44:56:

I too have a short temper so I can relate to you guys. And misery loves company so you're right Achieck about wanting to whack that chirpy guy when you're feeling miserable (hmmm sounds too much like a mo letter---nevertheless true---it's a generic truth about human nature). What you've prescribed Miguel is very wise. Little to no damage control required. Split the scene as fast as you can before you lose control. And now I'm learning to take it a step further so my triggers don't keep coming back to taunt me. Instead of repressing my anger I strive to channel this energy into something non-destructive.

There's a lot a energy in anger and if not spent, it'll surface in some other form sooner or later, sometimes more damaging than the previous. I do something physically taxing or vigorous like working out at the gym, box, swim, or even just brisk walking round the block, anything to release the energy. Or I cook up a feast (lots of vigorous chopping), scream my head off (in a sound-proof room so I don't disturb anyone), or cry. That usually does it. Hope that helps.