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the war the USA What does Jesus think?

Posted by on April 04, 2003 at 23:48:33

What would Jesus do? What country looks likes it fits the discription of the whore sitting on many waters? Poor little broken countries or the greatest most powerful unbeatable? more people got shot in Jaksonville Paul Harvy said than our side in the war last month. What's up lack of God and love? Does Bush have a halo and is he Gods annointed leading the most powerful force on earth Is that who God is with the mighty. Pride goes before destruction. I've prayed for every one all the kids fighting in the war and the thousands who are dying there in spite of which nationality. I hope for the best but I'm leary of motives . Allende, Noriega anyone who is in the way of the us. Give me a break we kill hundreds of innocent people to get a drug dealer and all the drugged people believe it. We support democracy for the few but watch out if your different or have control of the panama Canal or American Compaqnies. Don't get on the s list or your going down. how long? Love you all Mattkeeper