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Re: And yet more History

Posted by Visiting on April 06, 2003 at 22:36:14

In Reply to: Re: And yet more History posted by Mike W. on April 06, 2003 at 20:04:05:

I guess you didn't read the article. There is a webpage for it: and the writer's name is in big letters. I'd suggest you send that answer of yours to that website address. I don't know if the author is or not American but you could ask there.

You say: "You almost sound as if you are not even a native American." and the "even" gives you away. I wouldn't say you are racist but after that slip you seem xenophobic, at least ethnocentric and of a nativist mind. Ha! (I am impressed by 'smart' people too and can use a few of those words).

Just before that sentence you said that "the average american knows what is what". You sound like a nice person but your answer makes me wonder how you are with those who speak with an accent or happen not to be of arian descent. I also wonder how you would describe that average american. Hmmm.

Oh, before I forget, I guess you don't know that Hussein was enticed to invade Kuwait, right?