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Oil, to Thinker

Posted by Mike W. on April 06, 2003 at 23:59:47

In Reply to: Check into a few facts posted by Thinker on April 04, 2003 at 14:20:18:

If oil was the real cause of our (America's/Britain's/Australia's) war with Iraq, don't you think that George Bush Sr. would have finished the job? If America, and the Bush administration, is so corrupt and so powerful to be able to orchestrate a "war for oil", don't you think he (George Bush Sr.) would have completed the job the first time?
Isn't it possible, sir, that maybe, just maybe, the USA is doing this for righteous reasons?
Isn't it possible, just maybe possible, that we are attempting to liberate the Iraqis? Just like the Jews and Germans, and Italians, and French, and the countless others were liberated by the US and British forces in WWII?
You may doubt, but I assert that history will speak against you, and the others who speak evil ideas and thoughts against Mr. Bush and the US/Coalitiion forces.
It's already been broadcast about how we (the Coalition) have unearthed proof of chemical weapons. We all know about the torture that Saddam's Regime spead. Need we go into detail?
What is your problem, sir?